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Learning from kin folks!

Having a sibling to grow along with can be an enriching experience in your kid’s growth and development.

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Having a sibling to grow along with can be an enriching experience in your kid’s growth and development. Besides being confidantes for life, siblings can share an eternal bond of togetherness that results in massive learning and holistic development.

"Learning comes naturally amongst siblings"

A good sibling’s influence can significantly contribute to bringing out the best in your growing child.

What defines a fruitful sibling association?

Learning comes naturally amongst siblings. A brother or sister can be your growing kid’s first teacher. Besides imbibing each other’s habits, siblings also tend to learn moral values like sharing, kindness and helpfulness, from each other. These early lessons play a major role in developing life skills and aid holistic development in toddlers.

The overall bond between siblings is dependent on various factors:

  • Young toddlers are at a benefit of learning quickly from their older siblings who have undergone sufficient development milestones themselves during their early years of growth and development. The older ones can open up an enriching world of learning for their younger counterparts.
  • On the other hand, the older siblings’ confidence gets immensely boosted with the birth of the younger one, thereby creating a symbiotic relationship between the two.
  • Some factors like gender, age difference, etc. also affect the inter-personal bond between siblings. There is a difference in the equation shared between siblings who are born with a gap of 1 year and the one between siblings born with a gap of 5 years. If the age difference is less, there are chances of the older one turning into a role model for the younger sibling, and if the difference is fairly large, then you may witness the big brother/sister taking up the responsible role of a protector


Most importantly, it's the love and care of the parents that hugely influences the bond between siblings. The kind of atmosphere that parents provide at home contributes to the physical growth and brain development of child.

So, bring out the best in your little ones by supporting a fruitful sibling relationship at home.



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