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Ensure holistic development across Immune System Function, Brain Development, Physical Growth, and Easy Digestion of your toddler with NANGROW™

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Did you know?

Early childhood is marked by physical growth, cognitive development and socio-emotional capabilities.

Nutrition in this period is of high importance for children to reach their full potential and for appropriate functioning of the immune system.

A nutritious milk drink for growing children aged 2-6 years

50% RDA Protein


50% RDA Protein, Vit D & Calcium help support normal physical growth & bone development

DHA, Iron & Iodine


DHA, Iron & Iodine help support normal brain & cognitive development

Vitamin A, C, Iron


Vitamin A, C, Iron, Zinc & Selenium help support normal immune system function

High quality Whey


High quality Whey Protein for easy digestion

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How to prepare a delicious glass of NANGROWTM in 2 simple steps?

Nangrow How to make step 1

Boil drinking water for 5 minutes
and leave it till lukewarm

Nangrow how to make step 2

Gradually mix 7 level scoops (33.5g) to 210ml
of lukewarm water until powder is fully dissolved

NANGROW™ Preparation Tips

How to make

Mixing with water at more than body temperature
may compromise benefits of the probiotics


Also tastes delicious with milk
1 scoop ~ 4.78g

Why is excessive added sugar intake not desirable for toddlers?

Affects dental health

Almost 100% of toddlers on sugary diet are seen to develop early childhood caries

Increases risk of obesity & Non-communicable diseases

Higher consumption of sugar sweetened beverages is associated with excess weight gain

Possible lower nutrient intake

Too much sugar consumption reduces intake of meals that are nutrient-dense

Setting pattern for unhealthy lifestyles

Early exposure to sugar increases a child’s preference for sweeter food items later in life

Increased risk of hyperactivity/inattention symptoms

48% increased risk of attention deficit hyperactive disorder in children consuming 1-6 servings of sugar sweetened beverages/week

Did you know Nestlé has the largest R&D network of any food company in the world?

34 R&D facilities worldwide


34 R&D facilities worldwide, pursuing innovations to offer most advanced science-based products

5000+ experts involved


5000+ experts involved in R&D, dedicated to enhancing people's lives

Our science and innovation


Our science and innovation efforts are supported by our scientists and nutrition experts at Nestlé Research

Nestlé NANGROWTM ensures quality at each step, for enhanced nutrition



Milk procurement



Milk procured from > 90,000 Indian farmers






Tested for 83 quality parameters






Safety checks prevention of foreign body contamination through stringent safety check



Processes highly sophisticated and automated manufacturing processes



Finished product tested for 126 parameters including nutritional deliveries



Sealed in airtight packaging with inert packaging gasses to maintain quality and shelf-life


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Nestlé NANGROW™ Nutritious Milk Drink for Growing Children, Creamy Vanilla

NANGROW™, a Nutritious Milk Drink in a delicious, creamy vanilla flavour for growing children aged 2-6 years.

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Is NANGROW™ suitable for children who are allergic to milk protein?

NANGROWTM does contain milk protein and hence not recommended for children suffering from milk protein allergy.

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What are the flavors in which NANGROW™ is available?

NANGROWTM is available in a delicious creamy vanilla flavour.

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How do I prepare one serve of NANGROW™?

Boil drinking water for five minutes and leave it to cool down, till lukewarm.
Gradually mix 7 level scoops (or 33.5gm) to 210mL of lukewarm water.

Please note that mixing NANGROWTM with water more than 37oC may compromise on the benefits of probiotics.
You may also prepare NANGROWTM with milk as per your child’s liking.

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