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While you ensure he eats well, Nestlé CEREGROW™ takes care of his nutrition. A nutrient dense cereal for your toddler

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Every bowl of Nestlé CEREGROW™ assures nutrition for your growing child. A healthy breakfast option, Nestlé CEREGROW™ is enriched with essential vitamins, iron, minerals and proteins

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A multigrain cereal with milk and fruits, Nestlé CEREGROW™ offers wholesome nutrition to your toddler. Packed with iron, vitamins, calcium, and protein, it contains no preservatives and added flavours.


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What is Nestlé CEREGROW™?

Nestlé CEREGROW™ is a toddler cereal with the goodness of milk, assortment of fruits along with benefits of 16 Vitamins & Minerals


Why choose Nestlé CEREGROW™?

Nestlé CEREGROW™ is a toddler cereal with the goodness of milk, assortment of fruits along with benefits of 16 Vitamins & Minerals

  1. A nutrient dense Nestlé baby Cereal packed with 16 vitamins & minerals assuring nutrition with every bowl for your growing kid.
  2. Source of Iron that supports normal cognitive development.
  3. Nestlé CEREGROW™ baby cereal has Vit A, Vit C, Vit D, Calcium & Protein that help in growth & development.
  4. With Nestlé CEREGROW™, your child will be looking forward to mealtime, as it is tasty and fun!
  5. Nestlé CEREGROW™ is free from preservatives and added flavours.

How to make Nestlé CEREGROW™?

Here’s how to prepare a nutritious bowl of Nestlé CEREGROW™ for your child.

Boil drinking water for 5 minutes & leave it lukewarm.

Pour 130ml of lukewarm water into a bowl.

Add 50gms (6 level scoops) of Nestlé CEREGROW™.

Mix powder well with water.

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ceregrow baby food

Nestlé CEREGROW™ Growing Up Multigrain Cereal with Milk & Fruits

Ceregrow™ is a nutritious cereal with the goodness of multigrain, milk & fruits designed to meet the nutritional needs of your li'l one.


Nestlé CEREGROW™ Grain selection

New Ceregrow™ Grain Selection™ Growing up cereal with Ragi, Mixed Fruit and Ghee  is a toddler cereal inspired by Traditional ingredients and popular millet recipes.

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What is Ceregrow™ ?

Ceregrow™ is a nutrient-dense cereal for 3-6 year olds, packed with nourishment of multi-grain cereal, goodness of milk & assortment of fruits. It is fortified with age appropriate 16 vitamins & minerals including Iron.

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How is Ceregrow™ different from other health drink supplements available in the market?

Ceregrow™ is a fortified cereal where as others are termed as supplements. Fortified foods and supplements are two different things.

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What is the difference between fortified cereals and health drink supplements?

Fortified cereals are food based products that can be consumed at meal time. The products have cereals as the main component in addition to other food groups & added micro-nutrients in the quantities as per the child’s requirement.


Health drink supplements on the other hand are best consumed in between meals and contain nutrients to supplement the daily diet of the child. For further information on the same please consult your doctor.

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