GERBER® Cereal

Nestlé GERBER® Cereal for little ones

Now in India

With more than 90 years of expertise in nutrition.


Global presence over 90 years

We care. We see you mom, and we know that you will do anything for your little one and so would we. Our unrelenting focus on research and nutrition has made quite an impression on mothers across the globe, in more than 40 countries.


Started by a mother like you... Dorothy Gerber

Like all great brands, GERBER® was also born from the desire to solve a genuine problem – a mother’s need to nourish her little one. And 90 years later, the brand continues to support mothers everywhere, every single day.


Made in India, Made for India

Like all mothers, GERBER® understands that every toddler is special and their nutritional requirements evolve as they grow. That’s why GERBER® products are high quality and age-appropriately nutritious which helps in supporting the nutritional needs* of your little one.
*Basis Recommended Dietary Allowances, NIN ICMR 2020 & Recommended
Nutrient Intakes by WHO/FAO for a 1-3 & 4-6 year old child


High Quality standards

Like you would do anything to meet the nutrition needs and safety of your little one, so would we. That’s why our GERBER® products are prepared with high quality standards under the strictest of conditions so that every GERBER® product is absolutely safe for your little one.


We care for a sustainable planet

We believe in starting good deeds from our own doorsteps. That’s why our GERBER® cereals are made in a factory that recycles upto 30% water and we promise to collect and responsibly manage equivalent quantity of plastics created by our products.

Our history and heritage

It all started with the Gerber family.
In 1927, Dorothy Gerber started her journey by straining solid foods for her baby Sally and
in 1928 GERBER® brand was launched in Fremont, Michigan, USA

And the rest, as they say, is history.


The mother behind GERBER®, Dorothy Gerber

Gerber Factory

GERBER® factory in Fremont, Michigan, USA

Gerber Glass Jar

GERBER® glass jars on the production line

Gerber Quality Check

Quality checks at Fremont factory, Michigan, USA

Gerber Products in supermarket

GERBER® products in supermarket, 1954



GERBER® Cereals with POWERBLEND® is a special blend of 4 food groups: Cereals, Legume, Milk & Fruits/Vegetables.

v1-Gerber Cereals

GERBER® Cereals

With Omega-3 fatty acids to
Nourish the Brain
Alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3 fatty acid) helps support normal brain development

v1-Gerber Cereals 2

GERBER® Cereals

With Immuno-nutrients & Protein to Nourish the Body
• Vitamin A,C,D Iron & Zinc help support normal immune system function
• Protein helps support normal muscle growth

Promotes a diversified Diet

Promotes a diversified diet

A varied or diverse diet consisting of multiple food groups will help expand your little one’s food choices and lays the foundation of good dietary habits GERBER® Cereals with POWERBLEND® is a special blend of 4 food groups: Cereals, Legume, Milk & Fruits/Vegetables.





GERBER® Cereal with POWERBLEND® Mango and Berry

With 90 years of global nutrition expertise, we bring you GERBER® Cereals with POWERBLEND®– a special blend of four food groups:  Fruits, Wholegrain oats, legume and milk designed to help fulfil th


GERBER® Cereal with POWERBLEND® Spinach & Carrot

With 90 years of global nutrition expertise, we bring you Gerber Cereals with POWERBLEND® – a special blend of four food groups:  Vegetables, W

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