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Role of healthy sleep in the growth and development of toddlers

Sleep has a direct impact on the physical growth of the child.

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Watching the little ones grow and thrive fills parents with a deep sense of contentment. We focus on wholesome nutrition and a healthy environment to ensure our child’s continued and holistic growth. But do you know that healthy sleep is an important factor for the overall growth and development of toddlers too !

Why Is Sleep Important For Your Toddler?

Proper sleep has a direct impact on a toddler's all-round development. Children who don’t get adequate sleep are prone to mood disorders, attention issues, and obesity.

More importantly, adequate sleep for toddlers has several benefits. A few of them are:

  • Helps in restoring energy
  • Helps in building brain connections and in boosting learning ability
  • Helps in increasing immunity


How To Know If Your Toddler Is Getting Enough Sleep?

Your child may be experiencing sleep issues if:

  • He or she becomes cranky during the day
  • Your child exhibits difficulty waking up in the morning
  • Your child exhibits difficulty concentrating
  • Your child is prone to accidents like tripping

How Are Sleep And Growth-Related?

Sleep has a direct impact on the physical growth of the child. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a key hormone responsible for growth in humans. HGH helps in promoting healthy metabolism, stimulates various biological actions and boosts overall growth. In toddlers, HGH production is strongly influenced by sleep.

Healthy sleep combined with wholesome nutrition will go a long way in making your child healthy and happy. So ensure that your toddler is getting adequate sleep for his/her proper growth, and development.

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