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Right books to enrich the ‘tiny inquisitive’ at your home

Your tiny tot is developing the good habit of reading, and now is the time for the right training to bring out the best in your kid.

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Your tiny tot is developing the good habit of reading, and now is the time for the right training to bring out the best in your kid. To ensure that this interest in reading remains, and to support your child’s cognitive development and his/her achievement of reading milestones, your active involvement is important. Here are some tips to help in the development your kid’s learning and critical thinking skills.

"Story books can help trigger your child’s imagination"

  • Reading out picture books to budding children can grab their interest and keep them engrossed in insightful stories.
  • You can also use cut-outs from magazines and keep replacing them in slip-in picture books to sustain interest and attention of your little one. This is a good way to save your expenditure on branded books.
  • Electronic books with audio narration can be light and enjoyable for your curious kid.
  • During these crucial years, your toddler is also building visualization skills. Story books can help trigger your child’s imagination. While you read out fascinating stories to him, his creative thinking skills will get a boost.


  • Flip-flap books are another way of keeping your kids engaged in productive reading. These contain interactive and hidden elements that will surprise kids.
  • Reading books that describe your child’s daily routine like bedtime, eating and bathing habits etc., attract more of her attention.
  • There are several picture books on inculcating good toddler habits. Be it imbibing good table manners or learning the appropriate greeting gestures, you can find several books to help your toddler develop essential life skills while also keeping him entertained.
  • It’s not just pictures and graphics, the textures of books they read also highly affect the interest and attention span of your kid. Be it thick cardboard books, fold-out books, or vinyl or cloth books, observe the texture your toddler likes, and read to him/her from those very books.
  • Also, books with detachable elements like mirrors, stickers etc. attract kids very quickly. Such books help in fast and effective cognitive and brain development.
  • It is essential to help your child read books that enrich his or her mind. Books that contain toddler learning activities such as those with repetitive text that allow her to fill in words in the end, etc. can contribute to the growth and development of your child’s mind. Growing toddlers love to read books that reinforce their everyday learning, and if such books let them make their own sentences and fill in words, then their abilities get better with each passing day.


So, ensure the best for your children by choosing the right books



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