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GERBER® Snacks - Mango Puffs | 25g

Choose a Yummy & Nutritious Snack for Your Little Ones!

With 90 years of global nutrition expertise, we bring you GERBER® Puffs - A yummy, nutritious snack for little ones made with multigrain - oats, wheat and rice.

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Are you worried your kid’s snacks are full of preservatives & added colours? GERBER® snack puffs are made with no added colour or preservatives and are a source of fibre.

1 serving of these tasty mango puffs provides your kid with 30% RDA^ of immuno-nutrients Vitamin C, B6 & Folic Acid that help support normal immune system function for 3-6 years old little ones. Also, these puffs are a source of fiber for your little ones. Grab one for your little one!

^Basis Recommended Dietary Allowances, NN-ICMR 2020 for a 1-3 & 4-6-year-old child.