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Paneer Parantha


  • 1/2 cup Whole wheat flour
  • 2 tbsp paneer1 tbsp chopped onion
  • Salt to taste
  • Amchur a pinch
  • Red Chili powder to taste
  • Garam Masala to taste
  • Ghee as required
  • Butter for serving

Step by step

  • Cooking Instructions

    1. Take half cup of whole wheat flour, a pinch of salt, a tsp ghee in a mixing bowl.
    2. Pour about 1/4th cup of water first.
    3. Mix knead the dough. Add more water as per requirement and knead into a soft dough.
    4. Cover and allow the dough to rest for 20-30 minutes.
    5. Grate paneer and add all the spices to the same as per the taste and requirement.
    6. To this mixture also add the chopped onion. Mix everything well so that the spices are uniformly mixed with the paneer and the onions.
    7. Pinch a small bowl from the dough and roll it in between your palms to make it even.
    8. Dust some flour and with a rolling pin (belan) roll it into a small circle.
    9. Place the paneer stuffing in the center on the rolled dough. Get the edges towards the center so as to give it a potli/pocket shape. Press it well so that stuffing doesn’t come out.
    10. Sprinkle some flour and roll the stuffed parantha in a circle.
    11. Heat the tava and place the rolled parantha on it. Flip when one side in partly cooked.
    12. Apply ghee on this side with a spoon.
    13. Turnover and flip. Let the ghee side get cooked now.
    14. Spread some ghee on the top and flip again. Press the parantha edges with a spatula so that the edges are cooked.
    15. Flip once or twice till the paneer parantha has golden spots and is evenly cooked.
    16. Serve hot with curd or chutney.
Nutritional values
  • 2-3 Year olds
  • Energy
    23.34 kcal
  • Protein
    48.8% (RDA)*
  • Calcium
    18.27% (RDA)*
  • Iron
    20.7% (RDA)*
  • 4-5 Year olds
  • Energy
    18.33 kcal
  • Protein
    40.54% (RDA)*
  • Calcium
    18.27% (RDA)*
  • Iron
    14.33% (RDA)*
  • *Recommended dietary allowance


  • You can also serve the parantha with curd, raita or pickle that your younger one likes.
  • With paneer you can add other vegetables like boiled potato, peas etc. to the filling and make it a mix vegetable parantha.
  • If not circle, you can make it in shapes like triangle and square or even make it a pocket parantha like a flat samosa or homemade patty.