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Preschool preparations- For you and your child

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Starting preschool is the first step towards nurturing the ‘Individual’ self of your child. This is the first time your little one steps out of the house to explore the big wide world. As a parent, it is indeed your biggest concern and responsibility to ensure the best preschool experience for your child. Here are some important things for you to consider before you prepare your child for preschool.

Plan and prepare your child for schooling- Planning for your child’s school days will help them adapt to the change faster than usual. You can begin by introducing subtle changes to their daily routine. For e.g. encourage them to wake up early, bathe and get dressed etc. This will help them familiarize with the school routine.

Visit the preschool with your child before joining- This will help your child get familiar with the school environment. You can also involve your child with some interesting school activities like scribbling with crayons etc. and help them get acquainted with the tasks at hand in school. Get your child introduced to teachers and children in the preschool and encourage them to interact. Make sure your child feels relaxed and at ease before you transfer them from your care to the classroom.

Choose the preschool wisely- Preschool training is a stepping stone for your child’s future. Make sure you choose a school that is in close proximity to your house as that would be convenient for your child. The kind of environment offered there will be a very significant factor in the overall nurturing of your child. Also, do get a clear idea about the activities included in the school curriculum and see if those will be of much interest to your child or not.

Communicate with your child- Keep having regular conversations with your child about their interests and inclinations. That will help your child open up and initiate conversations independently.

Read together- Set up a ‘reading time’ with your child and support their enrichment by reading out interesting stories and poems to them. You must also encourage your child to keep doing their favorite activities that interest them the most. This will help in stimulating mental and motor skills of your child.

Your support and care will define your child’s preschool experience. So, be supportive and appreciative, and witness your child grow into a confident, independent being.



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